Donnerstag, November 13, 2008

Most surreal

Kein Wunder, dass die Züge der Bahn immer wieder zu spät kommen – denn in ihnen ist das Raum-Zeit-Kontinuum surreal verzerrt...

Auf dem Rückweg im EC von Berlin nach Hamburg sitze ich irgendwo im nirgendwo und die 20 Minuten Verspätung machen mir heute mal ausnahmsweise nichts aus, denn mein Harry Potter VII ist auch beim zweiten Lesen noch sehr spannend. Ausgerechnet, als ich gerade auf Seite 119 lese, dass der lustige Onkel Bilius Weasley 24 Stunden, nachdem er einen Grimm gesehen hatte, starb, wird ein "Herr Grimm" ausgerufen, in den Wagen 272 zu kommen. Das Bahnpersonal wolle ihn sehen, es hätte eine Nachricht für ihn.

Ob die ihn wirklich sehen wollten?

Ach ja... war auf dem Rückweg von diesem wunderbaren Konzert:

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Montag, April 07, 2008

Manchmal hat die MOPO so recht:

Immerhin ein paar Sachen davon habe ich dieses Wochenende erledigt. Darauf: Prost!


Sonntag, März 18, 2007

Sunday identity check

What kind of little girl were YOU?

Take this quiz, too!
Except for some Barbie dolls and ballet lessons exactly what I was.

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Dienstag, Januar 02, 2007

New Year's resolution pt. II

Very well and again in German, sorry:

MoPo, 31.12.2006


Montag, Januar 01, 2007

New Year's resolution

Body Shop Newsletter

Actually I find it quite bewildering as a company to send out New Year's resolutions. But as usual, The Body Shop company finds their unique "wholistic approach" and their suggestions are really cool - I'm definitely planning on sleeping more in 2007!


Neues Jahr - neues Blog!

Finally! The new Version of Blogger is online. You can't imagine how glad I was when on the last day of the "old" year a sign popped up that there's no more beta tryout but that I can change to the new version of Blogger! Yeehaa! I'm currently working on "my new one" - you'll see the new layout and new features during the next days online.

But first of all and more important: Have a nice 2007! Have it better than 2006 and 3 times more successfull!

Hope you survived the firecrackers well yesterday! Hamburg St. Pauli was like a civil war scene already for three days. If civil war is about sniper scenes, noises of occasional bombs all day and night, people queuing for food and people being afraid of being shot and wounded - that's exactly it, welcome home. Wanna refresh some old trauma?

What it's luckily not about is the lethal impact. Even though you likely might catch a firecracker in your anorak thrown from a window above, most of them are neither ment to kill or hurt you but only brainlessly thrown away. Sometimes people mean to scare you. Mostly not. Additional there's some smell of streetfighting over the scene - there were streets where it kept quiet till the very evening, but those were few. In the end it's same procedure as every year, James - it was enough to keep fire department and ambulances busy the whole night. And now I have to check whether they caught my bicycle's wheels or whether I can still drive...

Currently listening: U2 - New Year's Day


Sonntag, Dezember 31, 2006

Was hat Sie 2006 zu einem anderen Menschen gemacht?

There are the usual "end of year polls" - and there is German daily newspaper die tageszeitung. Their 2006 poll is called What changed you in 2006?. But... it is entirely German, and the fun within would be lost in translation. Here's my non-translated answers:

Was hat Sie in 2006 zu einem anderen Menschen gemacht?

Meine Bandscheibe - und meine Iliosakralfugen.
Zumindest ein bißchen - es dauert doch ein bißchen, bis man dumme Gewohnheiten zugunsten von Sport und Gesundheit ändert. Immerhin hat die Krankengymnastik beim Abnehmen geholfen!

Bleibende Schäden?

Körperlich zum Glück noch keine. Siehe -> Krankengymnastik.
Mental: Zu wenig zum Bloggen, Tagebuchschreiben und zu Live-Reviews gekommen. Leidtragende: Rotz auf der Wiese, das legendäre MME-Digitalo-Treffen for jetzt fast nem Jahr. Schwamm drüber.

Menschen des Jahres?

Dörte (Danke, Frau Doktor). Frederik ("Wenn du nicht kommst, heirate ich Sonni"). FD + Jörg Michael (Donnerstag überlebt). Omid Nouripour. smh (danke an The Gathering!;-)


FIFA Fanfest. Zum Glück direkt vor unserem Büro.


Pierre Gemayel


Stockholm. Immer wieder Istanbul. Nicht Venedig.


  • Weniger Auto gefahren
  • viel das Fahrrad benutzt (Schönes Fahrad!)
  • Wir haben immer noch Nachtspeicher-Heizung,
  • bekommen aber spätestens im Frühjahr 2007 endlich Fernwärme
  • ABER: 2 Reisen mit Ryanair hin und zurück hauen rein.
  • ich fülle den "WWF Footprint wohl erst nächstes Jahr aus...

Welches Buch haben Sie weggeschmissen?

Bücher schmeißt man nicht weg, die entsorgt man bei Schlechte CDs ebenso... Obwohl: Da habe ich so manche schlimmen Demos in 2006 weggeschmissen...

Was neues entdeckt?

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Mittwoch, Dezember 27, 2006

So, genauso war Weihnachten:

Manchmal hat die Hamburger Morgenpost sowas von recht:

Mopo, 27.12.2006

Genauso war's! Nur, dass ich statt mit Bruder + Schwägerin (die ein Stockwerk höher wahrscheinlich dasselbe geguckt haben) mit Daddy über die "Sissi" - "Franz" - Dialoge gelacht habe.


Dienstag, Juli 11, 2006

R.I.P Rudi Carrel

I never did thank Rudi Carrel for lifting me up in the most unlikely way in an almost unreal situation and I never did - so I do now:

The night before my beloved grandmother died, my mother has called me about noon to tell me. This day I felt wrong where I was and there was nothing I could do about it: The morning was occupied with university, the time right after I got the call by my mom I rushed to work (I was working at university that time), we've had a Christmas party planned and there was still so much to do the last day before Christmas holiday. Me and my parents agreed it makes no sense to come home early as there would be no funeral preparations before the next monday or even tuesday. The same evening I was expecting Ed Goodlife - and we were both nervous to the bone, half because it was the first meeting flesh and bone at all and secondly as we tried to fix a bound for a company that night. Edward was on the train and his seat was not an inch more comfortable than mine - but he was sharing the company of Rudi Carrel in the dining car and Rudi chatted with him immediately as Ed spoke to him in Dutch and he heard the familiar tongue. (After all this introduction now finally comes the very special moment). Edward made Rudi Carrel call me with his mobile, and even though the line was really bad he said something like "nice talking to you". Which was especially moving as my granny was always a huge Rudi Carrel fan...


Mittwoch, Juli 27, 2005

all apologies...

Dear reader! Now I'm back - back not only physically but mentally as well. Back from an overdose of Finland. Nah, not really. First a trip to Tuska Metal Fest in Helsinki, then two days at home doing laundry while it's raining cats and dogs outside. In the end I was so frustrated I visited the filthiest launderette of Hamburg St. Pauli to get my clothes dry again! Subsequently I joined another Finnish travel party named Children of Bodom on their tour de force. I'll post the funny sidestories of that here during the next days, but in the correct chronology. So don't look back in anger and view the archive during the next days...

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Freitag, Juli 01, 2005

Paris was a woman? This bitch!

... back from Paris, still in a train... and everything's different. Not everything. But a lot of things. No, I didn't fall in love with this bitch blasé. While I was the one and responsible person on the bus during the four previous days, the mature female mate in Düsseldorf and still the good-looking girl to go out with in Belgium I felt like an awkward child in Paris. Of course my cloth weren't expensive enough for our 5-star-hotel, but did they have to call me fillè? On the other hand – hey, I'm gonna be 30 in a few weeks and those professionally trained eyes adress me still as underage. Hihi. Compliment? Dunno. But not this bad.

I started reading "A Year In The Merde" by Steven Clarke, and it seems to me like the motto to my trip. Well, I didn't get this far - I am not an sexual frustrated male brit abroad, so I don't get the humour in all of his flirting accidents, but the rest seems right to fit to my situation in this strange metropolis as well.

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Freitag, März 18, 2005

First glimpse in my new home

The first glimpse in my new room - of course the stereo is the first thing standing. No telecommunication at the moment.

... and my office stuff is in the top box.

Seems like I'm cramming the stuff...

(Written and posted way later...)

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Mittwoch, März 16, 2005

The ten year MeMe

The Ten Year MeMe Ten years ago I was probably preparing something for my German Highschool degree (the so called Abitur) at Gymnasium Bad Nenndorf. Well, surely not in March. The last exams were in May, so around this time there might have been Easter holidays. Or parties. We really partied a LOT. We had different groups in our class - I was among the party organizers. Two weeks ago I occasionally met one out of my class in a night train - was was travelling from Kiel to Hannover, I was going home to my parents. Nice. Greetings to Lutz!

Five years ago I was looking for "my first own flat". Well, I was living in Hamburg for more or less exactly four years by then. The first half year I was living in a beautiful flat in the district called "Barmbek" - but it was only for half a year because the original inhabitant was studying abroad for half a year. Then I moved into a student's house with 5 people on my floor. After 3 1/2 years I was so sick of it. And my boyfriend even more. The bed was small, everything was tiny, there was no space for a television, the house was ugly...
Me and my upcoming flatmate Katharina had two criterias for searching - enough space and within reach of the Alster and St. Pauli. The football stadium as well as the surrounding city district. Yeah, and then we found a seemingly nice flat in the street called Koppel, close to the Alster, nice old house which has survived General Harris - and 3 fine lads in the fifth floor from where you could watch over the whole water area and have a top view on the Japanese Fireworks celebrating the cherry blossom.

Three years ago - I don't fucking know. 2002 started with an new efford to finish my studies, I choose economics as an additional field of study. But that might have happened sometimes in 2001 as well. But we got a new lecturer in Turcology, and in March 2002 we finished his first course. Not much rock'n'roll around that time, as far as I remember...

One year ago I was busy with studying as well. Just finished my first "Hauptseminar" in history, fixed a lot of things at the website of the Derboven family because Lee Myrthe has won the title "Miss Schau der Besten". There were a lot of concerts and interviews around this time (Monster Magnet, for example!) - and my sweetheart Bobo was on tour with Morbid Angel. Same procedure as last year, James?

This year has started. Did it? Yes? Already in the third month? Really? University's a bummer, I don't fuckin' remember anything, I might have just gathered a little rest of consciousness at the end of february when they closed the library for the rest of the holidays, but the rest ist fog and mist.

Yesterday I was helping my new flat mate Stefan cleaning his old flat and re-organizing our new kitchen. Stefan came to me like the "deus ex machina" - after I got really desperate with searching for a new flat I received his email on last wednesday. He answered me on thursday, we visited the new flat together, slept it over and agreed - and on saturday, sunday and yesterday I was already helping him painting the walls and doors and moving in. Everything changed in minutes. Crazy and true. At the moment it looks like a very nice place to live in and it growed with every little bit we did.

Today the same, we emptied and cleaned my future room. I visited Larry in the Markthalle to check who's gonna help me tomorrow. Plus I visited Joey, Erin, Rob and all the other poor guys stuck in a Metallysee tour. Well, they have No Mercy...

Tomorrow I'll move into my new room. Yeeha! What a kickstart. Last wednesday I was thinking gloomily about moving back to my parents for a while, being homeless, or, the worst option, moving into a suburb quarter in the east of Hamburg. And now I'm going to move to St. Pauli/Altona. But the districts of Hamburg are a topic of their own, more about this next time...

found at ButtUgly and D/k

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Dienstag, November 02, 2004

Shrike's Time Tomblog....

What big story behind a short "I do" ... To tell my side of the story: It was the spring of 1999, I was the newbie at Germany's mighty Rock Hard megazine. We were at Dynamo Open Air - and I had crutches because of a hurt leg, despite of that it was a gorgeous party in the backstage tent, I was really drunk (I only mention "Bierschlacht"//"beerslacht" to those who have been there as well...) and the last comrades have been to the hotel already long ago. I don't know exactly how, but I ended up at the Red Cross tent at the end, and they were so friendly to order a taxi - and put a young Finnish guy in as well, saying sth. like "take care of him, we're not really sure but he might be at the same hotel as you are". When we were getting to Eindhoven he was getting more sober - and that's the way i learnt to know Jukka from Kallio, Helsinki.
Thanx for paying your share on this ride, dude!

We met again on that festival, and he helped me out with some email-adresses during the last 5 years - but yesterday we met again in the blog world. This is Jukka's BLOG updated daily, a fun to read and a really good source if you want to know what's up with Stonerrock - or however you would call it. Cheers to Helsinki!

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