Donnerstag, Dezember 07, 2006

47 Bücher spielen in Hamburg (growing list)

Just a short tipp for the page which is listing novels by the cities in which they take place. Quite interesting to look and choose the next reading!

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Mittwoch, August 16, 2006

The Gunter Grass scandal

"Imagine your grandmother has never even allowed you to wear a minirock and when she turns 80 close to christmas is revealed she has worked as a prostitute when she was around 17" - there's no more precise analysis to the revelations of Günter Grass, that he and possible the current pope Benedict XVI., too, have been in the Waffen-SS by the end of Second World War but this biting glosse by Henrik M. Broder in Der Spiegel. Sorry, German only.

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Freitag, Juli 01, 2005

Paris was a woman? This bitch!

... back from Paris, still in a train... and everything's different. Not everything. But a lot of things. No, I didn't fall in love with this bitch blasé. While I was the one and responsible person on the bus during the four previous days, the mature female mate in Düsseldorf and still the good-looking girl to go out with in Belgium I felt like an awkward child in Paris. Of course my cloth weren't expensive enough for our 5-star-hotel, but did they have to call me fillè? On the other hand – hey, I'm gonna be 30 in a few weeks and those professionally trained eyes adress me still as underage. Hihi. Compliment? Dunno. But not this bad.

I started reading "A Year In The Merde" by Steven Clarke, and it seems to me like the motto to my trip. Well, I didn't get this far - I am not an sexual frustrated male brit abroad, so I don't get the humour in all of his flirting accidents, but the rest seems right to fit to my situation in this strange metropolis as well.

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