Samstag, Oktober 20, 2007

10.000 songs

As we speak... I'm listening to my 10.000 song which is scrobbled on Last.FM. Which has definitely changed the way I listen to music. Again.

BEFORE I had "Audioscrobbler" installed, I was listening to songs on my computer via WinAmp. Okay, a) it was impossible to install iTunes on my old Laptop, but b) I refused to install a programm which needs a bank account for full activation. But c) the community convinced me to the change, as it has so much more features (maybe except for the look - WinAmp definitely is better looking with a zillion customized skins) Times have changed fast, now I rather buy songs on iTunes than on cd - but the fact that I'm moving again is a topic of it's own.

I simpy like the way iTunes manages my music library. I love to mark my favourite songs with 5 stars - and I love to discover new artists this way - who thought Satyricon would ever make it to a top list of mine?! I would have never been able to tell you the difference between Vredesbyrd and Allehelgens Dod I Helveds Rike by Dimmu Borgir. Ok, question is who cares! But I totally love this way on which "Hits on Second Sight" get through the ear into the brain - and songs which annoy get out again! Given that: Yes, I'm listening on Shuffle/Party mode most of the time - skip away or delete what I'm not in the mood for and add as "play now on party list" what I'm keen on.

So, brave new world, eh?! Not really. There's one thing that really worsened: In times before I would have burned all songs from harddisc to a cd and would have put it into the stereo. Now iTunes worses the quality of the songs by adjusting the volume. I just wonder what to. Ok, now I delete all songs in bad quality immediately, but te problem stays: iTunes minimizes every song by at least 10 dB. Does anyone know a remedy?

During all the evening I was wondering which song should will represent me as my 10.000's song. Or whether I should just wait and have a look which song is the one with the fabulous number. Again it struck me: "What if...", yeah, what if that song is a complete dork, not representative nor in any kind intended to have the chance to have a listen to? When I just had a ruff look into iTunes about 20 songs away from the mark I saw Goodbye my Lover. Well, that is not planned at all. I re-counted carefully (without deleting any song) and was really looking forward to have The War by Angels & Airwaves - as it could fairly good represent my last week. But I didn't have the patience, skipped Johnny Cash as I'm not in the mood today - and ta-dah, here I present my number 10.000:
Dark TranquillityTherein

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