Freitag, Juli 20, 2007

"New Labour" like it could have been

Oh, what a beautiful time!

Ms Smith said she had smoked it "just a few times," had "not particularly" enjoyed it and had not taken any other illegal drugs.

LOL! Great! This reads a lot like the famous "I never inhaled" - and it finally brings some touch of reality to the politics of Britain. Hello! Just a short reminder: The 60s have past (LSD?), the 70s have past (Cannabis, LSD, and whatever natural drug you can imagine), the 80 have past (cocaine, isn't it), and even the 90s have past (I only say "Rave"). And over all those years no one ever confessed he's been young as well?!

Imagine, what the full last ten years might have looked like! With a New Labour true not only to their roots but also with a certain realistic approach. Phh!

(For all lazy bastards, here's what SpOn writes in German: Britische Regierung: Haschisch-Beichte der Innenministerin

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