Mittwoch, November 23, 2005

Angela Merkel is chancellorette

So, this is my first blog entry after Angela Merkel is finally elected the first female chancellor of Germany. For all readers whose languages don't include "Umlauts" like ö this means: We Germans don't torture you anymore with an un-pronounciable name like Gerhard Schröder, whose name had two veritable stumbling blocks, if not three. Is it a coincidence that this happens exactly 15 years after Maggie Thatcher resigned (1990/11/22)? No. As one commentator stated yesterday: "Maggie Thatcher couldn't stand women surrounding her in the political business, Angela Merkel is actively drawing women to the inner circle around her. But of course there is parallels. Both women share a background in the applied sciences, Angela Merkel as a doctor in Physics, Thatcher in Chemistry. Enough for now.

Addendum: Maggie Thatcher "graduated from Somerville college, Oxford, with a 2:2 degree classification, and worked as a research chemist for British Xylonite and then J. Lyons and Co., where she helped develop methods for preserving ice cream. She was a member of the team that developed the first soft frozen ice cream." (


jke said...

Interesting to realize that Thatcher has a doctor as well - I think I'll be blogging about this in one way or another. Thx!

5:51 PM  

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